A Forever Friend


Friendships. Some are strong, some are weak, some are corrupted by jealousy and envy. For some of you out there, a loyal friendship seems like something you only read about in books or see on television. And sometimes your lucky enough to have a true, strong and reliable relationship with a friend. The type of friendship where water has become thicker wine and will forever remain that way.

If you are of the lucky ones, and have found the much coveted relationship that is a forever friendship you also know that to keep it like that (special and one of a kind) it takes a certain amount of commitment. And it only makes sense, right? Just like a seedling you have started to grow, when you see the first bit of green surfacing from the dirt it doesn’t mean the work is done and far from it. In reality it’s only just begone. And it will be a life time of nourishment, light and watering. In other words, it will be a life time of recognition, support and trust. And unlike the plant this will have to go both ways of course, or else it isn’t much of a friendship!

This is a homage to My forever friend, sister from an other mother, soul sister,best friend… what ever you wanna call her!To be able to say we have been so close for over 15 years and we have supported each other unconditionally during this entire time is pretty amazing. And hold on there!! I’m not saying we never fought, that would be a lie! But no matter the problem and the amount of time it takes us to solve it , in our hearts the friendship is still filled with love and respect. And if you ask me, you never can call a friend family if you guys have never fought. You never truly can call someone family till you have had a major falling out and manage to fix it with little to no scars. That’s resilience baby!

Four years ago i made the decision to take our friendship to the next step.  Officialise it all! It’s one thing to call a friend family, but what if you could make that real, legal on paper! When my daughter was born i couldn’t imagine anyone else being her Godmother and the bonus part: she is now officially family! I know in the bottom of my heart that never i shall regret this decision! But let me tell you that not everyone in the family understood my decision. A family member tried to discourage me from it… mainly the argument was that, family is for ever and friends will come and go. Yes that could have been true but not when like me, you know you have found a forever friend & a sister! A person who will be able to care for my daughter just as I would. And i’m so great full!

So this is for you my one true sister! You deserve every bit of happiness and joy for being such an authentic women. And i can’t wait until one day i become officially part of your family as well!

And to all of you who have been deceived or betrayed by a friend. Please do not give up hope. Maybe this is a test to you and your friends relationship. Or maybe she or he wasn’t Your forever friend but it doesn’t mean they aren’t out there! Family is one thing but they’re is something just as special. When someone who owes you nothing, loves you as much as a sibling would. A sibling who was been thought to love and respect you all of their lives, for you are blood. To me it’s truly two souls who have find each other and were destined to meet. To be each others guidance in moments of complete darkness when no one else seem to get it! So again don’t give up it’s worth it! Nothing will ever compare the complicity you can have with someone who once was a total stranger. A complicity that isn’t found in a romantic relationship or family relations and hasn’t append because someone told you it had to.

A forever friend cover

A mind-A voice-A women



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