These eyes, Their depth


These eyes, Their depth

Every night when i rest my head to sleep, these eyes they creep. Creep into my soul and devour me whole.

They reach me in my dreams, they wake me by all means. As i now lay awake, my entire body aches.

But again as i slip away in a world of disarray, these eyes, they find me anyway.

To who do they belong, I’ve wondered for so long. Is she tall, is she blonde, is she the one.

These eyes, their depth. Do i dare take one more step or will i fall and have to crawl.

If we would ever meet, I don’t think i could even speak. For every night i wake it’s like I’m about to break. I can’t move, I can’t breath. These eyes, they mislead.

Every night you come to me but everyday i’m left with reality. Here is my hearth’s key. Take it in hopes of what we could be, if ever you find me.


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