Away From here, Far Away!


As time goes by, I realize and cry.

I need an escape.Before i break.

A sanctuary, a place where no worry can reach me.

For i shall perish if I can not cherish.

Cherish the joys, life will be poise.

Dwell in sorrow, their will be no tomorrow.

Away from here, far away.

I will not look back in midway, i will fallow my pathway.

Maybe you could meet me halfway, I know it sounds cliche.

But I feel your strength could take me the length.

One day maybe, I shall be free.

Till then I will seek my sanctuary and not be weak.

For i shall never reach it if I don’t embrace it.






5 thoughts on “Away From here, Far Away!

  1. ce qui m’a aidé c&oreus;qst de commenter quasiment tous les anciens articles. Mais oui ça cause les gonzesses, et quand ça se met à causer les mecs s’y mettent aussi fort!


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