Ruby Radical. Part 1.

     Ruby Radical.

The story of a young woman who just can’t live without passion and adventure.

       Ruby Becks better known as Ruby Blue for her hot then cold temper and her constant contradictions. She was Known by all friends and family as a very bold and courageous young woman. Well… moving from Hamilton to New York, from Canada to the U.S.A… now that was bold!!! But that’s how it needed to be for Ruby. Adventure is all she could think of, read of and live for. She may be a cute little 5 foot 2 brunette with big green eyes and a beautiful smile, but she was also very fierce and strong minded. Her confidence helped her to be very driven but at times could make her be a bit naive. Her eagerness to know and validate sometimes took her down path’s she couldn’t have anticipated. But that was fine because THAT was Adventure! Typical Life!?…No way she would say! Radical Life!? Now that’s what she was all about!

All her savings spent to get to this very small 1 bedroom Williamsburg apartment located on Wythe Avenue where all you could see were apartment buildings. Not a single house near her place! That was a huge scenery change for Ruby compared to her little suburban Riverdale neighborhood where she had grew up. Now in comparison she had bars on every window. Still this was the best decision she had ever made! It was worth every penny and every fight with her mother Suzan! When the whole subject had first surfaced, she was pretty concerned.

– New York…… really Ruby!?  her mother gave her big eyes!   Suzan had completely freak out trying her best to talk some sense in her …                                                                                     -I knew you would want to do something crazy for you twenty first birthday but Honey don’t you think it might be dangerous all by yourself out there?  Said Suzan stunned but then again not that stunned! Ruby explained to her mother that this was her decision and that she could either support it or they wouldn’t have much else to say. Obviously Suzan wasn’t pleased at all, this was her baby girl, her beautiful daughter and she was going to be all alone in the biggest city around. But Suzan also knew there would be nothing she could tell Ruby to change her mind. All she could do is help her be prepared for the big apple. That meant 6 bottles of pepper spay, two extra locks for her main door, a security bar for her patio door and all new fire alarms and extinguishers in the apartment. On the day of the move Ruby was on fire ready to attack this new adventure head first

As Ruby Blue left her brand new apartment to go venture out in her new world, she couldn’t help but feel alive, free and wild! The fresh summer breeze swept through her hair and gave her goosebumps. This year was going to be epic! She turned left on the first street that crossed her path………..



This was Part 1 in a novelist series written by JadeOutLoud(all rights reserved)

Keep an eye out for part 2!








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