Ruby Radical. Part 2.

Ruby Radical

       The story of a young woman who just can’t live

without passion and adventure.



Part 2. Never better!

This year was going to be epic! She turned left on the first street that crossed her path… Ross street! She was taking aback by the endless view of apartment complexes. Wow, so many people crammed in one city! A woman smiles at her while walking by with a stroller. Friendly so far Ruby thought to herself! She was determined to find a restaurant where she could eat a quick bite and then a food market was high on the to do list! Yes Suzan had brought over all kinds of food … Home baked banana bread. A dozen chocolate chip muffins. A box of cookies. Pop tarts. Milk, bread and eggs. Coffee of course!! A meat loaf dish and a shepherd’s pie dish.

-“You have to the most 4 days of food here Ruby so be quick to get to know your neighborhood. Locate a food store and a bank on your first day, then a drug store that is very important as well” Suzan was telling Ruby all of this so quick that she struggled a few seconds to catch her breath. -“I Promise Mother I will find all three today!” Ruby said feeling pretty confident she would succeed this mild task. She knew her mother was scared out of her mind and the height hour drive back home wasn’t gonna help her get her mind off of it. -“Your welcome to stay the night if you rather not drive back right away?” She asked her mother. Knowing very well her apartment had freak her out seeing as it wasn’t very well taken care of and a bit dirty with a strong humidity stench. But hey, it was fully furnished, heated and most importantly cheap! -” Oh honey how sweet of you, I would love that but am afraid I won’t let you stay if I see too much of this city! I should let you experience this for yourself Ruby I know you will be fine, just remember don’t be too quick to trust and always be alert okay! Besides I have work tomorrow so I have no other choice but to go!” said Suzan with a sad face.
Well now she had been walking for a good 10 minutes on Ross but nothing but corner stores and local businesses. She was finally at a crossing Bedford avenue. On the side of the building to her left was two palm trees lit up! Might as well just make an other left this way she will make it back home easily. As she got to a crossing she notices the huge 21 story building. Amazed by it she started counting the windows from the sky to the ground as she crossed the street. Only once on the other side did she notice a cute Latin boy staring straight at her. The sudden self-awareness made her trip on a huge crack in the cement. Now the cute guy was laughing and looking at her funny. -“Great I was gonna make a turn on Wilson avenue but i guess ill take the next left…. too bad he was cute! Ruby thought to herself. She pressed on not forgetting her goals for the day. Next street up ahead was called Clymer. Again just apartment building everywhere. Not a single food store, drug store or bank! This would maybe harder than she thought.
Finally at the street crossing Wythe Av. and Clymer St. Ruby tought to her self -“ok maybe ill go back home and wait for the cable guy tomorrow and once the internet is set up ill check online for all the info I need to survive in this town!” That was the best plan for now, she and her mother had left Riverdale East at 5am that morning the trip had taken them 10 hours with all the pit stops. The sun was starting to set and she didn’t think she should be out at night if she doesn’t yet know her surrounding’s imagine getting lost, she was courageous but not stupid either. As she turned left on Wythe she felt that even tough she hade only venture out on four streets and circled back home this was still an accomplishment.
The front of her building was pretty plain no flowers not even a tree. At the front door stood a man who could have been 75, he was holding a shoes box beneath his left arm and hade about five bags at his feet. Bzzz Bzzzz BzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ! He was buzzing someone from the building to come open. Ruby wanting to be a good neighbour hurried to the door with keys in hand and told the gentlemen that she would gladly open up the door for him! A bit startled the man turned to find out who was addressing him. To his surprise a cute little lady with good manners!                                                                                                        -“Ho my dear you are so kind but my grandson will soon be down to bring these all up. His a fit young lad my Matthew.” As the old man finished his sentence the door open and a tall guy appeared. That must have been “Matthew”! He hade light brown hair and bleu eyes, a square jaw like ruby hade never seen before he was so masculine! Not to mention how Grampa here was right when he said he was fit !! -” Hi Grampa Joe what’s all this? asked Matthew with a smile looking at his grand father then suddenly noticing they were not alone. -“This … nothing … a bit of this, a bit of that. But look this beautiful young lady was just offering to help isn’t she sweet!? Said the old man making both Ruby and the hot stranger blush a bit. -” Oh well it’s no biggy” what did she just said …. it’s no biggy what was she back in 2001!? Lord it was that gorgeous man with his broad shoulders and wait … Matthew was looking down in embarrassment and Ruby caught a glimpse of it… a pony tail. That’s it! It’s over, this guys was her dream come true all she ever liked in guys was now an all included buffet she just wished she could feast on!! Afraid to let her attraction to Matthew show she turned toward Grampa Joe. -” I’ll just get outta the way and give you guys some space to carry all of those in. Have a good day!” But she wasn’t getting off that easy. -” Ok well hold on pretty lady, what’s your name? I’m Grampa Joe and this young man his Matthew.” said the old man. Ruby could see he was trying to get these two to talk but clearly it was just so awkward. -“Im Ruby Becks I’ve just moved in this complex today… It’s a pleasure meeting you both. And as she finished her sentence she quickly turned and started going up the stairs. Behind her she could her Matthew say” Come you silly old man, your playing matchmaker today Grampa Joe ” And then both man were laughing out. As she walked in and closed her door behind her she leaned against it. She could feel her face was as read as a tomato. Humm Matthew!! Hope ill run into him again soon. Ruby tought to herself.
THump Thummp Thump….Someone was knocking at her door. Through the door she heard Matthew saying ” Hello … Ruby?” Why was he here! She knew she had just wished to see him again but still this quick?! Did her beauty really struck him that hard! Ruby was hoping that was the case! She turned the knob and was made face to face with this hot god.
-” Yes? was all she said.
-“You droped this while passing us down stairs I tought it was my grand fathers but he said it was yours. And also … speaking of my grandfather im so sorry he gets like that when a beautiful woman is nice to him. He feels he needs to find me a wife or something anyways sorry about that.” Matthew was now looking directly in her eyes and she could feel the blood rushing to her face once again. He had called her a beautiful woman !!!!!! His glance was so strong and profound she felt naked standing there fully clothed.
-“My bandana thanks! It usually hangs from my bag it must have fallen. And you can tell Grampa Joe I said he can gush over me when ever he like haha! Okay well thanks again and I guess ill see you around Matthew” Ruby said proud to have kept her cool.
-“Yes, I hope we will Ruby!” was all he said before the door closed!
OH MY GOSHHHHHH!!!! Ruby couldn’t believe this. Matthew had to be at leat 26 or 27 years old… but still he was attracted to her. Ruby hade never been with a much older man before …. 23 was the eldest boy she had been with. But he was a real man, when he had handed over her bandana she noticed how big his hands were. Well maybe she didn’t manage to find a bank or grocery store but she hade found way better!

This was Part 2 in a novelist series written by JadeOutLoud (all rights reserved).

Keep an eye out for part 3!


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