Where does it all lead?



Where does it all lead?

When we first start school teachers will already be all over you about what you need to do with your life. What jobs would be best for you.

But what if all we’ve ever learned about our futures and the way they are suppose play out was all for nothing. Study hard! Get good grades! Go to college! Find a career! Be successful! Find a Spouse! Get married! Have Children! Raise your children and send them on this same path.

Is it just me or is this pretty sheepish!

Did our governments realize throughout history that it was better to have us all fallow one common stream. Just like sheep we would fallow blindly! Fine if it had to be so. But where will this all lead. When economy and government cease to exist what will the herd do.

Can’t help but wonder and be perplex about where all these recent terrorist attacks and economy struggles lead us. The way the world as changed in the past decade can really put me to scare that by the time my children are my age nothing will be possible without electricity and internet.

How could we survive if we aren’t open minded to the fact that maybe this isn’t for ever!


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