Ruby Radical. Part 3


Ruby Radical 

The story of a young woman who just can’t live

without passion and adventure.

Part 3. Soul Sisters!

… Well maybe she didn’t manage to find a bank or grocery store but, she had found way better!
Matthew was the best thing that could have happen to Ruby right now. Two week before the big move she had broken it off with her boyfriend. Adam Fisher, her ex, was this over-confident Guitarist and was also lead signer of his rock band ” The Adam Fisher Band”. She had been dating him for almost two years when she found him backstage giving two groupies VIP access to his pants! That had been one to many times were she saw or heard something related to infidelity and she had had it! He was the whole reason why she left. Not because she was to immature to cross paths with him or see him with other girls. No, it was more of a huge wake up call, like what was she doing following around a wanna be rock star when she could be the leading lady in her own story! When he had first heard through common friends that she was leaving he had called her to tell her she didn’t need to run away, that he still respected her and wanted to be friends……… Ruby had almost choked on her laughter when she heard him say friends! -“Your such a looser Adam, good-bye!” was all she had replied before hanging uh!
This was all so much, she decide it was time to bring Mandy up to date. Mandy Thorn was Ruby’s best friend since they were 3 years old. They had done it all together. From taking toddler swimming lessons to being in the same classes all thru middle school. When ever one was in trouble you could bet your shirt the other one was in as deep! They had connected on such a deep level they were inseparable. They even used nicknames only them two could call each other. Ruby was B and Mandy was D! They were Sisters. It was only natural. Suzan and Michelle, Mandy’s mom,  had been best friends them-selves for the better part of they’re adult life. Two single mothers who had to raise they’re baby girl alone! They had hit it off right from the start and had been very close ever since.

Ruby took her cellphone and sat on the stinky pink love seat that was in her living room.
-” Hey girlfriend whats going on …. How is the city!?” Tell me all the details!! Mandy said so excited to hear all about the move.
– Its great, I love it here D. Mom left about two hours ago and i went for a quick walk around the block and you wouldn’t believe it, there are no houses here … Like I literally didn’t see a single one but….. I did see two hot guys!! Chuckled Ruby.
-“Oh … you did, did you!? Well … that’s good B.” Mandy sounded nervous.
-” Okay common spit it out what is this about ….. Adam?!” said Ruby a bit irritated.
-” Yeah,… Finn and I were out last night at Gallo’s and he had a gig and when the band was done playing he went and made out with Rachel. I know you probably don’t care but you know me B, I just had to tell you.” said Mandy hopping she had done the right thing.
-“D, you can’t be serious. How could I ever care, he was never really “the guy” for me. Honestly Ive tought about it and I think what attracted me to him was the traveling to different cities, going from bar to bar night after night. And i gotta say with all the free beer we were getting no wonder it took me so long to catch him in the act I was drunk half the time!” Ruby said, not phased at all by Mandy’s confession.
-” Fine as long as you don’t care I won’t either!” said D.
-” Anyways Adam who?? You should see the stud that lives in my complex Mandy. His older, like approaching 30 kinda older, and he looks like he could be on a damn Calvin Kein billboard. His name is Matthew and he has light blue eyes and a pony tail, not to mention his built like an armor truck! His grand father introduced us and he started hitting on me a bit!!!” Ruby could feel all the emotions she had felt earlier rushing back to the surface as she was telling D about him.
-” Wow he sounds freakin hot Girl!! How did he hit on you? Did he try a booty call or something?” Mandy asked her BFF.
-” No nothing like that! He actually called me a beautiful woman when he came to my door to politely returned something I had dropped in the main entrance! He really seems pretty respectful, the type of guy who doesn’t over push it!” Said Ruby.
Mandy and Ruby then spent a good hour talking about this and that, but mostly about how Mandy and Finn’s relationship was up and down these days. Finn was Mandy’s boyfriend since the last year of senior high. And with all relationship that have lasted more than 4 years they usually aren’t all perfect and “lovydovy”. Ruby had wanted so bad for Mandy to come to New York with her, it was actually a promise they had made to each other years ago. But with her having a boyfriend and all they had reached the agreement that it would be best if she stayed back. If ever, in the future, nothing was holding her back anymore she could move in when ever she wanted!

After she ate some shepperd’s pie and had a warm shower she was off to bed. Laying there she looked out her window and couldn’t help but feel a bit lonely but also very driven. They’re was still a lot to be done. She had a little over a 900$ left in her account and had also given the landlord three months worth of rents in advance to be sure to have time to look for a little job that could help her survive New York. Matthew could help with the lonely part, That night she fell asleep thinking of him and hopping to see more of him soon!

This was part 3 in a novelist series written by JadeOutLoud (all rights reserved).

Keep an eye out for part 4!


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