To be or Not to be!?

To be or not to be?

          Okay this is my first ever blog and let it be known that i have little to no experience with blogging what so ever… BUT … i have this burning desire to speak my mind and to be heard!

So where does one mother of two below the age of five start?!? Well i love my children with all of my heart but being a stay at home mom makes my life like 99.9% about them and i feel like what needs to come out on paper is who mommy is when she is not mommy!tiredmom

I’m sure many of you will understand exactly how that feels.

That being said, the question was “To be or not to be?”. To be what… well a blogger of course!! What will this represent for me and my family? Will i invest truly? Will this be hard? Questions, questions and more questions! I was telling my self this has to be planned from A to Z  before i ever even think of opening an account anywhere. And then i recently changed my entire way of seeing blogging. And after thinking about for a while this is what i came up with…:  I choose to blog the way that it makes it me. My mind, open to all who wishes to peak and sneak in my crazy thoughts. Limitless boundaries to my connection to the world!

And what does make Me… me?! A wide range of anything and every thing to be honest. Its all over the place in here and i love it. From being interested in the nature/outdoors life, to a gossip lover, self proclaimed chef;), DIY lifestyle, motherhood ect ect…                                   So i tell my self, so much to offer and share with people who may have an opinion on what i have to say. Why wait, right!? Why wait to express and reflect with others … so i wont! I start today!!! And it feels awesome, behold world here i come, brace your selves you brave fools … Okay whoa, ill keep that cray cray part of me for later on 😉

Moving on, my first order of business will be to have fun so if you are looking to read about great travel resorts or politics i’m sorry to inform you that you probably wont find that here for i cant afford to travel right now and politics i just don’t get! But if you want to read about all sorts of stuff and my take on them with always a nice hint of funny or a dab of harsh truth you will be sure to find that here!!

A mind-A voice-A women!